Voice Blast Dialers Q&A


* Where is the Vicidial Predictive Dialer Servers located?
* Is there a Minimum or Maximum agents that I can run?
* What is the exact system offered?
* Do I get my own Server?
* How long does it take for setup?
* What access will I have?
* How do I know what my voip balance is?
* How do I pay for Voip and how is it charged?
* Can I use the voip service elsewhere?
* Can I get a Volume Discount on Voip?
* What are the Call Rates for your Voip Service?
* How much would it cost me to set up a voice blast dialer?
* Is there a minimum Voip purchase required?
* If I buy more Voip, do I get a discount?

The dialers are located at LA in Sanfrancisco. You may do a ping test and trace route to a example servers on the following IP Address.
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You must have 2 agents for us to setup your account. There is no Maximum but in the 1st week of dialing you can only have up to 15 agents, from there we will access your usage and requirements and may move you to another dialer for your continued growth.
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Most are installed with Vicibox 3.0.6 Vicidial. For smaller accounts we may use Vicidialnow. That will be determined by the server and how many agents you are going to run. Depending on your size you may be placed on a VPS server with 1 gig Ram and 10 gig Hdd, Larger accounts will be placed on a Dedicated server that will have a Dual Core or Quad Core Processor, 2 or 4 gig ram and 500 to 1000 gig Hdd (based on availability), 5mbps bandwidth( 2.5 mbps up/2.5 mbps down) and 300gig data transfer per month
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That will be determined on case by case scenario. If it suits a shared server you will be placed on that system. If you grow out of a server we may place you on another. You would need to migrate your account over.
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Generally we can do installation of Vicidial in 24 hrs, however if servers have to be ordered and setup please allow up to 72 hrs.
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Administrators will have access to Vicidbox or VicidialNow Admin Web Gui, Agents will have access to Agent web Gui, We do not give access to SSH log in.
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You will be issued a Voip account portal that you can log in and check your CDR and balance anytime.
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Currently we accept Major Credit Cards through Paypal. If you make payment over $250 we can accept via TT or Western Union. Payments can be made at any of our Websites. Rates are displayed on per min rate but are charged per 6 sec of usage (6/6 Billing).
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Yes. you can use on any other Hardware/ Softphone/ equipment you wish. You will be forwarded your account details for Voip service by email once processed.
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Yes. Single Payments over $500 will automatically get a 5% discount (pay $500 and get $525 credit).
Single Payments over $1000 will automatically get a 10% discount (pay $1000 and get $1100 credit).
Single Payments over $3000 will get 15% discount (pay $3000 and get $3450 credit).
Single Payments over $5000 will automatically get a 20% discount (pay $5000 and get $6000 credit).
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Rates are different from our standard rates for StandardHosted Dialer Customers, you are looking at around 1.6-1.8c
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We charge $500 set up fee and $250/month on the dialer. You also have purchase a minimum of $1000 worth of Voip.
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Yes there is, minimum purchase should be $1000 worth of Voip.
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If you purchase $4000 worth of Voip per month, we can wave the Set up fee which is $500 and the dialer fee which is $250/month.
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