G711 vs G729 Codec. What should I use.

g711 vs g729 codec

I speak to many people online that are still confused on the difference between these codecs, so I have made a brief description of what is the difference between G711 vs G729 Codec.

G711 Codec:

Generally converts to 128kbs (64kbs Upload/ 64kbs download)

A G711 Codec is generally the base standard of codec’s in most devices. It is also free which is why most devises that come with this codec as a default are also free (Xlite being the most popular softphone)  It is basically the data format of how to transfer a voice over the internet in its most common form. Main reason why this codec is free is because it has no reduction in size when transferred over the internet. The way your device/ pc takes your voice is the same way it is sent over the internet and the same way the receiver receives your voice.

G711 is Highest quality voice for both ends
Most G711 softphones are free (Like Xlite)

Winner: G711 vs G729 codec = G729

Major bandwidth used. If either party has not got enough bandwidth, voice can be choppy.
Not all voip providers support G711 Codec

Winner: G711 vs G729 codec = G729


G729 Codec:

Generally converts to 16kbs (8kbs Upload/ 8kbs download)

A G729 codec allows the voice phone call to be reduced in size before transferred over the internet. It means much lower bandwidth used to make a call or much more people can call over the same bandwidth consumption. The other end of the voip provider will then convert back to normal size for the receiver to take the call. Digium is the developer of G729 codec and has RRP of $10 per line used for the caller

Much less bandwidth used for the call
There is generic G729 codec available for free on various sites (For testing purposes and works well in production)

Winner: G711 vs G729 codec = G729

Developer Digium sells official g729 codec for $10 per line needed (1 Time and not transferable to another device)
Most G729 Softphones are not free (Like eyebeam, Bria)
Not all voip providers support G729 Codec

Winner: G711 vs G729 codec = G729


Bandwidth Consumption Guide.

Number of simultaneous Calls

G711 Codec

G729 Codec



















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